Lodge Your Objection!

Contact any of the following Councillors for Bray to lodge your personal objection to this plan, or the any of the other members of Wicklow County Council:

Christopher Fox; Pat Vance; John Byrne; John Ryan; Mick Glynn; John Brady and Barry Nevin,

Click this link to find their contact details.

Here we detail a sample letter outlining the primary areas of concern. If you agree with any or all of the points, cut and paste and leave your thoughts below and we will pass on your message to the relevant parties.

Wicklow County Council.                                                           
County Hall.
Co Wicklow.
Attn:     Mr Eddy Sheehy.
County Manager.
Dear Sir,
Re:       Draft Development Plan 2011.
                        Proposed new roadway through SAAO lands at Kilmacanogue.
We write to express our deep concern at the inclusion in the 2011 Draft Development Plan of a new roadway across scenic and unspoiled areas of agricultural land at Kilmacanogue East.
We are greatly distressed and upset by this bizarre proposal for the following reasons:
Special Amenity Area Order.
These lands were designated Special Amenity Area Order status in Wicklow County Council’s last development plan. This status was awarded in order to recognize and protect its unique views and character into the future, and in order to preserve its established walkways for use by all.
You now propose to desecrate this special standing under your own development plan, and to destroy it entirely with your reckless and insensitive proposal.
An area with established colonies of deer, badger, otter, pheasant and lizard.
The lands through which the new roadway is proposed to pass is extraordinarily rich in wildlife. We see deer on the lower slopes of the hill on a daily basis, and we have been following the progress of a population of otters in the stream for the past ten years. The hill is also well known for its population of lizards, being one of just three places in Ireland where these unusual reptile populations thrive. Lastly it is home to a very large population of pheasant and a smaller, but ever present, population of badgers.
It seems extraordinary that Wicklow County Council propose to destroy this rich and diverse habitat. Undoubtedly this proposal will devastate these populations. The otter population, now surrounded on all sides by major roads will never survive. The badgers too, occupants of the lower slopes, will not survive. The deer and the pheasant will move off to other parts of the mountain, but the unique lizard population, will be unable to move far and will be lost.
Poorly thought-out plan.
The proposed roadway is a poorly thought-out reaction to local traffic issues elsewhere along the N11 roadway, and it arises in particular from the problems of the Southern Cross Route where very high levels of traffic movement cause long delays every morning and every evening.
These issues should be dealt with locally at the Hills Garage Roundabout by addressing the outdated interchange which connects the Southern Cross Route to the main N11 roadway. These issues are local to the Southern Cross Route and must not be linked into Kilmacanogue.
Simply relocating the traffic jam.
The proposed roadway will simply relocate the traffic jam from the Southern Cross Route directly to the Kilmacanogue area. The existing local roundabouts on both sides of the Kilmacanogue interchange will be inundated with vans and heavy goods vehicles, and will simply not be able to cope. Traffic will back-up along the new roadway and life on the Eastern side of Kilmacanogue will never again be the same.
Only very small numbers of cars route down Rocky Valley Road for Bray.
We understand that it is an aspiration of Wicklow County Council and the NRA that local traffic be kept off national routes wherever possible. One of the main purposes of the proposed roadway is, therefore, to allow traffic from Rocky Valley Drive cross over the N11 if routing for Bray town. But, following days studying this junction, we can confirm that only very small numbers of cars cross over from Rocky Valley Road en route for Bray. The vast bulk of the cars emerging from Rocky Valley Road head directly towards Dublin.
The proposed cross-over provision is, therefore, a white elephant and a waste of taxpayers money.
Protected views.
The views from the upper slopes and the walkways on Bohilla Commons to the East of the N11 are expressly protected under the development plan. It seems bizarre that persons living in the area are greatly restricted in what they can build in order to protect these views, while the council itself can blaze a new roadway through it with scant regard to these same express restrictions.
Proposal creates an “island” surrounded by major roadways.
The proposed roadway causes the formation of an “island” between all of these major roadways. Those families unfortunate enough to be living in this precarious parcel of land will be isolated from the rest of the village, and will be destined to suffer greatly increased levels of noise and air pollution for the rest of their lives. For them this proposal is a travesty!
A poor history of roadway planning in the Kilmacanogue area.
Wicklow County Council’s own planning history in the Kilomacanogue area has not been good, and their work on the original N11 upgrade project in particular was marked with an insensitivity which has single handedly destroyed the town.
The ugly concrete bollards in the central margin of the N11 are a monument to their incapacity to assimilate sensitively into the area.
Despite our strongest objections at that time Wicklow County Council insisted that an EU directive mandated the use of precast concrete units on the roadway median. Later it turned out that they were using stressed cable systems at other locations and so they were not telling the full truth. Meanwhile we in Kilmacanogue are left with an extraordinarily ugly roadway which will always be impossible to landscape.
And yet, despite all of this upheaval, the N11 roadway passing through Kilmacanogue is notoriously unsafe, particularly at the exit from the Topaz station and the southbound ramp exit. It seems extraordinary that all of those collected engineers could not develop a safe sensible solution to a routine set of problems.
We have little faith in the Council’s ability to assimilate new elements of infrastructure into our environs, and we are greatly concerned that the council now aims to finish off that little part of the village which they missed the last time out.
Kilmacanogue is surrounded by steep mountains which rise up immediately adjacent to the village centre. In the midst of this topography, it is unreasonable for Wicklow County Council and the NRA to impose standards which may be appropriate in other less undulating centres of population. A sensible and appropriate approach must be taken.
Joined up thinking please.
The proposed roadway is a poorly thought-out reaction to local congestion at the outdated interchange which connects the Southern Cross Route to the main N11 roadway. It represents a massive waste of taxpayers money and it poses a threat of the most serious nature to the families and the wildlife of the Kilmacanogue area.
Again we ask that the proposal be summarily defeated.
Yours sincerely,
Fia & Carina O Caoimh
Co. Wicklow

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